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The Idle Years

We find the "Small Man" growing out of childhood and embarking on the struggle to make his way in life, and discovering new hopes and aspirations. He works to find his place among the community of people at a factory, and to adapt to their way of life and learn from it.

Orhan Kemal recounts events that could be experienced by any unemployed young person but, with his poetic and imaginative writing enriched in bittersweet memories, he paints a fascinating picture of his life as a young man. The rich tapestry he creates using the simple events of his idle days creates a powerful image of a struggle through life.

An important aspect of the Idle Years is that it is not just a tale of his life, but also the tales of the people who were important to Orhan Kemal. 

His struggle is the struggle of all people who, finding themselves in a society held together by old fashioned values, try and seek answers for themselves.

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