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My Father's House

This is the story of a boy, about five or six years old. He has a large family, and a harsh father. The father would like him to be well educated, and therefore puts pressure on him. Then, the enemy invades the city they live in. They migrate to the small town of Konya by train, and the father goes off to Ankara to join the War of Liberation.

Following the war, the family settles in the southern town of Adana. Ten years pass by. By then, the father has made a name opposing the national goverment, and ends up having to flee to Beirut. He later arranges for his family to join him, and opens a restaurant where his two sons work by his side. Unfortunately business does not go well, and the restaurant has to close. The family then find it very difficult to make ends meet. At one point, the father goes through a severe illness. Eventually the elder son finds a job at a printing house and befriends an Armenian girl. However he is not at peace; he feels homesick. So he leaves his job, talks his father around to the idea, and returns to his home country. Once there, he is free of his father's domination. He makes new friends, plays football, and chases after girls, and generally lives his life to the full.

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