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15.09.1914 - 02.06.1970

Orhan Kemal, (Mehmet Raşit Öğütçü) writer of short stories and novels was born in Adana in 1914 and died in Sofia in 1970. His father, Abdülkadir Kemali, was an MP from Kastamonu during the first term parliament of the Turkish Republic. Abdülkadir Kemali, a lawyer by profession, established The Ahali Party which was dissolved causing its founder to have to flee to Syria. In order to accompany his father, Orhan Kemal had to miss his final year of secondary school. Orhan Kemal stayed in Syria for a year, returning to Adana in 1932. He worked as a labourer, weaver and clerk in cotton gin mills. During his military service he was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for his political opinions. Bursa prison became a turning point in his life and art work as he met Nazım Hikmet who greatly influenced him. On his release in 1943, Orhan Kemal, moved to İstanbul (1951), where he worked as a labourer, a vegetable transporter and then as a clerk for the Tuberculosis Foundation. From 1950 onwards he tried to live upon the income gained from writing. Orhan Kemal died in Bulgaria. His body was returned to Turkey and buried in Zincirlikuyu cemetary.

Kemal’s first poem was published in Yedigün under the name of Raşit Kemal (Duvarlar 25.04.1939) Further poems written under the same pen name are Yedigün and Yeni Mecmua 1940. On meeting Nazım Hikmet, Kemal wrote under the name of “Orhan Raşit” (Yeni Edebiyat 1941) Impressed by Nazım Hikmet, Kemal concentrated on stories as opposed to poems. His first story, “Bir Yılbaşı Macerası”, being published in 1941. In 1942 he adopted the name Orhan Kemal when writing stories and poems in Yürüyüş. He found fame through stories in Varlık in 1944, his first collection of short stories “Ekmek Kavgası”, and first novel “Baba Evi”, was published in 1949. Early works depicted characters form the immigrant quarters of Adana Kemal described the social structure, worker employer relationships and the daily struggles of petty people from industrialised Turkey. He aimed to present an optimistic view through the heros of his stories. He never changed his simple exposition and thus became one of the most skilful names of Turkish stories and novels. He also wrote film scripts and a play called “İspinozlar”. Dramatisations have been made of “72.Koğuş”, “Murtaza”, “Eskici Dükkanı”, “Kardeş Payı”. After his death a novel award was arranged in his name (1971).




ORHAN  KEMAL YUNANİSTAN'DA - Türk edebiyatının ölümsüz ismi Orhan Kemal'in Baba Evi ve Avare Yıllar kitapları Yunanistan'ın Kastaniotis Yayınevi tarafından yayımlandı. Stella Christidou tarafından çevrilen iki kitap tek kitap olarak kitapseverlerle buluştu. Kastaniotis Yayınevi Orhan Kemal'in diğer otobiyografik kitapları olan Cemile,Dünya Evi ve Arkadaş Islıkları'nı da yayımlamayı planlamaktadır.


ORHAN  KEMAL SURIYE'DE - Türk edebiyatının ölümsüz ismi Orhan Kemal'in El Kizi  ORHAN  KEMAL'İN İKİNCİ KİTABI YUNANİSTAN'DA YAYIMLANDI... Gerçekçi Türk edebiyatının unutulmaz ismi Orhan Kemal'in "Dünya Evi"  kitabı Yunanistan'ın Kastaniotis Yayınevi tarafından yayımlandı. Kültür ve Turizm Bakanlığı'nın TEDA Projesi kapsamında Stella Christidou tarafından çevrilen yapıt kitapseverlerle buluştu. Kastaniotis Yayınevi,daha önce "Baba Evi ve Avare Yıllar" kitaplarını yayımlamıştı. ORHAN  KEMAL SURIYE'DE - Türk edebiyatının ölümsüz ismi Orhan Kemal'in El Kizi  ORHAN KEMAL İSRAİL’DE - Gerçekçi - Toplumcu Türk edebiyatının usta kalemi Orhan Kemal'in BABA EVİ kitabı İsrail’in Sifriat Maariv Yayınevi tarafından ilk kez yayımlandı. Kültür ve Turizm Bakanlığı'nın TEDA Projesi kapsamında, Galia Vurgan tarafından çevrilen eser İbrani dilinde İsrailli kitapseverlerle buluştu.
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